Trainers and Support

The course will be given by experienced data professionals:

Dr. Pasi Kolari

Pasi Kolari is data manager at Department of Physics, University of Helsinki. He is working with environmental data collected at SMEAR research stations (

Dr. Sri Harsha Vathsavayi

Sri Harsha Vathsavayi is a Software Specialist in the Data Analytics group at CSC – IT CENTER FOR SCIENCE ( and is working with multiple big data projects.

Dr. Thomas Zastrow

Thomas Zastrow was the leading technologist for building the CLARIN D research infrastructure ( and is now senior developer for data intensive science solutions at the Max Planck Computing and Data Facility (

Dr. Jozef Misutka

Jozef Misutka is the technical lead of the Centre for Language Research Infrastructure in the Czech Republic (LINDAT/CLARIN project One of the project pillars is to provide and develop a digital data repository clarin-dspace conforming to the latest standards and principles in data sharing, reuse and management.

Dr. Zhiming Zao

Zhiming Zhao is a senior researcher at University of Amsterdam. He is specialized in data intensive computing, semantic linking, Cloud computing and advanced data infrastructures. He is the scientific coordinator of the SWITCH project ( and leads the “Data for Science” theme in the ENVRIPlus project (

Dr. Ulrich Schwardmann

Ulrich Schwardmann ist the Chair of the management board of ePIC (, the Persistent Identifier Consortium, head of the data management group at Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen (

The following institutes and initiatives are supporting this course:

ENVRI-Plus (
RDA Europe (
CSC Helsinki (
University of Helsinki (
MPCDF Munich (
Charles U Prague
EGI Amsterdam (
University of Amsterdam (
University of Göttingen (
DKRZ Hamburg (