Information package on Gypsum Amendment:

Gypsum amendment of fields as a water protection measure in agriculture


Summary of experiences from the gypsum pilot project

The effect of gypsum on agricultural phosphorus losses


Ollikainen et al. (2020) – Gypsum amendment of arable fields as a water protection measure – farmers’ experience, phosphorus reduction potential and associated costs drawn from a large scale pilot.

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Gypsum treatment of fields in media

Project NutriTrade – Two policy briefs on gypsum amendment released 25.5.2018

Project NutriTrade – Pilot Gypsum presented in Poland 23.3.2017

Project NutriTrade – Success in Pilot Gypsum bodes well for the future 13.2.2017

Pan European Networks – Science & Technology 12/2016 – Co-creating water protection

University of Helsinki – A huge quantity of gypsum could save the Archipelago Sea 8.11.2016