ryhmaOur group studies issues that are linked to teaching history and social sciences. We produce information for developing teacher education and to awaken the public debate regarding socially significant themes within our field. In the field of didactics of history and social sciences, focus areas include the development of critical thinking, perceptions of various economic-political phenomena, and how these are formed. People use history to explain the present and to assess future forecasts. This phenomenon, called historical consciousness, is among our key research subjects. We study how people use history in their everyday life, as well as how they understand history. We also study how various groups—young children and immigrants, for example—form their conceptions of the past. Our third research focus is connected with the history of education. Our objects of interestinclude the historical formation of teacherhood, the significance of schools in the formation of civic society, and the development of teacher education. In addition to research, our group produces materials that support history and social sciences teaching, as well as organising developmental projects in the field. The research group is responsible for the organisation of social studies education and organises postgraduate studies in the subject.