George Williams (UNSW), ‘The Problem of Race and the Australian Constitution’ (27 November 2017)

Porthania, P545 on Monday 27 November 2017, from 1pm to 3pm, Porthania P545.

Australia’s 1901 Constitution is one of the oldest in the world. Not surprisingly, it reflects the values of its nineteenth century drafters, including on matters of race. In particular, the Constitution still permits racial discrimination, and otherwise enables discriminatory treatment against Indigenous peoples. This talk will examine these issues, and how Australia is struggling to change its national Constitution, by way of a referendum to recognise Indigenous peoples and to move on from attitudes of the past.

You may find more information on Professor George Williams’ expertise and his areas of research, at

You are all cordially welcome to attend this lecture organized by the Postgraduate Seminar in Constitutional Law.

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