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Innovation Platform activities in 2017

In February 2017 the SOILMAN team again visited our farmers during a final workshop:

Soilman 2017

Our facilitator Galfato  together with Profs Markku and Stina and researchers Mila and Aregu discussed the project outcome and additional issues that had come up. After the platform meeting we visited the Finnish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Helena Airaksinen, to present our work.

A description of the IP and results from the process is now written up into a scientific paper.

Main results

  • The farmers, especially the women, felt empowered and had become more active in general  in the society
  • The interactive and participatory process encouraged genuine dialogue between farmers and experts. They all learnt from each other
  • The use of inoculation was considered very favorable
  • The novel crop soybean after initial hesitation become a success and has added value to the diets of the participants
  • The new methods spread in society

About the future

  • There was a worry regarding the continuation of the activities
  • Local inoculant production should be started
  • The farmers might form a cooperative to formalize these activities and ensure access to seed, inoculant and the market
  • Education of extension service personnel in how run an IP should be encouraged
  • The method can be applied to any innovations regarding a more sustainable and better life for the farmers