B. Hegemonic mobilisation through historical figures or moments

Our mobilisation team will trace the spatial aspect of populist movements — for example, how they have used their positions as celebrities along with the fame or notoriety brought about by the historical spaces in which they hold events to gain success. We also study how they reproduce historical slogans related to the past, figures, and places of (often) national history; and how, in the hybrid media system, they have created and successfully operated within online spaces through the reproduction of live mobilisation. We study the cases of the Czech Republic (Hartikainen), the Eastern Länder of Germany (Volk), Romania (Chiruta), and Hungary (Hyttinen).

Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and War of Independence, Budapest, 2016. október 23. @Árvai Károly, Botár Gergely