There’s only one month left!

As the title says, just a month left anymore before the course begins!

At this point the participants should be prepared to head to Helsinki, and hopefully they’ve also taken a look at the pre-exam questions and instructions. If not so, I highly suggest to check them out.

A lot of preparations have been made during the past few months, but there are still some arrangements to be made before the course begins. Some surprises are to come, that is for sure, but one just has to be prepared for anything. Lecturers might cancel, buses might break, computers might not work and other smaller inconveniences might, and will, come our way. But let’s hope for a smooth ride!

VITRI has been running a summer course for almost a decade now, so it is not a new experience for the more experienced VITRI staff. But for me this is the very first VITRI summer course, and I find myself being the coordinator! That has brought me some new responsibilities, and things to consider. I’ve contacted the lecturers and crafted the schedule, planned contents and tried to make the course follow a logical structure, in which every task and piece makes sense. It has been a fun experience, and the best part is that the course hasn’t even begun yet!

During the course we will use a few different pedagogical approaches, from lectures to field trips, group works to a public seminar. I hope that some of these alternative learning methods will be warmly welcomed. But fear not, we did not forget the traditional methods, and the participants will be sitting in lecture rooms, listening to our lecturers while the sun is shining outside. I also hope that learning takes place not only in the classroom and during the formal hours. Given the diverse backgrounds of the participants, there will certainly be a lot of opportunities to learn from each other! This can happen during lunch time or coffee breaks, free time activities etc. I am very much looking forward to interesting discussions during the course.

This is the office where the magic happens. Not as messy as you would think!

I hope that everyone’s waiting for this course to start as eagerly as I am. It’s been in the works for a while now, so seeing all the participants here and really seeing the course happening is going to be great!

// Saska

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