Day 10: Agroforestry, Risks and CRISTAL 21.8.17

The new week began, and it was the last week we had studied at the Helsinki Summer School.
Agroforestry and biodiversity is our first class this week. We learned from Eshetu Yirdaw the diversity of agricultural forests with different species of species. For example,the diversity about faunal、soil microbial、functional groups. When the teacher talked about the invasion of alien species, I think about my country (China) water hyacinth – an invasive species. At the end of the class, the teacher invited us to think about the conservation strategies for biodiversity and showed us some of the measures.

After a brief break, Adriàn Monge-Monge began to introduce the risks of the climate environment.
For me, just started to learn a few professional terms (vulnerability、livelihood、IPCC、CBA), The teacher explained in detail the concept of these keywords.
After lunch, we have a course on the 4 floor of the GIS-class about CRiSTAL and ATLAS.ti. After a simple understanding, I found that the two tools for the project analysis and research has a great help.

After a period of study, I like this kind of learning atmosphere and attitude,
although some courses for me is still very difficult, there is some pressure,
but this does not affect me, I am looking forward to show our group work.

-Jiahui Qian

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