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sirpa wredeCropped I am a sociologist specializing in sociology of work and professional occupations, studies of globalization and welfare state change as well as ethnic relations in working life.  I’m an expert in sociology of health, health care and health care policy,  but my long-term research interests nowadays also concern elderly care policy and organization as well as migration policies.  I hold the title of docent at University of Helsinki and have previously worked for Academy of Finland and Åbo Akademi University and as a research fellow at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. I am  affiliated with Department of Social Research at University of Helsinki where I hold a tenured position as a Senior Lecturer in Sociology. I currently work as Professor of Ethnic Relations and Director for CEREN, Centre for Resesarch on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism at Swedish School of Social Science that is part of University of Helsinki.

For information on my publications and past research activities, please consult my page in Tuhat, University ofHelsinki research database.

My recent Academy of Finland project  is presented here.





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