Activities and service to the academic community

Current activities

During the term 2014-2016 I serve as President of the Nordic Sociological Association. I am also member of the board for the Westermarck society, the Finnish Sociological Association (since 2014). I chair the Organizing Committee for the next Nordic sociological association conference, to be organized in Helsinki 11-13 August, 2016.

I am currently consulting editor of Acta Sociologica and member of editiorial team for Professions & Professionalism.

I am member of the Scientific Expert Group for the Finnish Work Environment Fund. 2015-2018.

Past activities

In the past I have served first as chair and coordinator (2008-2009) and later asĀ  co-coordinator and co-chair (2010-2011)for European Sociological Association Research Network 19, Sociology of Professions.


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