Tero Erkkilä
Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences
P.O. Box 54 (Unioninkatu 37)
00014 University of Helsinki

Room 1034
Phone +358-2941 24826
e-mail tero.erkkila@helsinki.fi

Tero Erkkilä is Professor of Political Science at the University of Helsinki (see CV). His research interests include transnational governance, public institutions, and collective identities. His previous book publications include Government Transparency (Palgrave 2012), Global University Rankings (Palgrave 2013), Public Administration (Routledge 2015, together with B. Guy Peters and Patrick von Maravic), Rankings and Global Knowledge Governance (Palgrave 2018, with Ossi Piironen) and Ombudsman as a Global Institution (Palgrave 2020). He has also published in varius peer reviewed journals and acted as a co-editor of two journal special issues. His previous research project Policy Instruments and Global Governance: Concepts and Numbers analyzed numerical governance by global rankings and policy indicators. He is currently involved in an Academy of Finland funded research consortium Just Recovery from Covid-19? Fundamental Rights, Legitimate Governance and Lessons Learnt (JuRe), where he is leading a subproject on Openness and Legal Oversight (WP3).