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The social world around you needs improvement. Something should be done about climate change. The elderly need to be taken better care of. There is something strange in the neighborhood, but who are you going to call? I simply want to change the world for the better.

Does one or more of the above statements apply to you? Is there a hot topic that you feel needs to be urgently addressed, but as a student you just don’t quite know how to take action? Well here’s a bunch of good news coming right your way. We are here to take action with you. We are a group of committed people who, like you, wonder how the world around us could profit from the knowledge and skills acquired in our studies. Having wondered long enough, we came to the following conclusion: by taking the responsibility into our own hands, acquiring an active mind-set and trying out entrepreneurial action we can indeed apply our skills in ways, that will build our future in ways that ultimately contribute to and have positive effects on the society around us.

Want to join us? Please, come to our meetings and events you find in the “Toimintaa!” section of this site. Also go ahead and like our facebook page: or join the group of actives

Have ideas on what we could do together around entrepreneurial action at the University of Helsinki?  Please, contact us, be you a student, teacher, researcher, entrepreneur, a company employee or just interested: outi.kuittinen(a) Or call 050 326 55 82.

Are you an academic entrepreneur? Inspire others by sending a brief description of your enterprise or project to be added on this blog: outi.kuittinen(a) Or call 050 326 55 82.

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