The Helsinki Association of Women Researchers

Helsingin tutkijanaiset – Helsingfors kvinnliga forskare r.y. –

the Helsinki Association of Women Researchers

The Helsinki Association of Women Researchers aims to improve the position of women researchers.

1) raise public discussion regarding issues of gender equality in science
2) improve the position of women researchers in the academia
3) improve the social and economic well-being of women researchers
4) promote mutual collaboration of women researchers
5) promote equality in university and research
6) promote the visibility and importance of especially women researchers’ areas of expertise and research foci
7) promote critical gender research
8) critically evaluate the gender effects/impacts of science policy.

The association organizes seminars and events for the public discussion of issues relating to women researchers. It also strives to promote collaboration of researchers and other parties in the field. The association takes a stand on current issues of academy and science. The association also aims to offer support in events of discrimination and other problematic situations relating the research career.

If you wish to become a member of the association, you should e-mail Nina Maskulin, the current treasurer, and mention your name, academic degree, current title (ammattinimike), affiliation (=working place), postal address, e-mail address and year of birth.
Address: nina.maskulin(at)

You can become a member of our association at any point of your research career: we welcome doctoral students as well as full professors.
The membership fee is 15 euro for those in employment relationship, and 5 euro for students, unemployed, retired and those on maternity or parental leave.  The fee should be paid to  account FI13 5723 0220 3586 54 using a reference number  20145.

2 Replies to “The Helsinki Association of Women Researchers”

  1. Hej
    Finns utredningarn om sexuella trakasserier vid universiteten i Finland att läsa på nätet eller i tryckt form? Har letat utan att hitta.
    Med vänlig hälsning
    Elisabeth Hammarberg
    Göteborgs universitetsbibliotek

  2. Hej Elisabeth! Vi håller på att skriva om utredningen, så fort som möjligt, ska vi posta dem i nätet också. Vi gör arbetet på vår fritid, så det tar lite tid. Tack för intresset!

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