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Hei!  !مرحبا  Salaan!  !سلام  Hi!

Dear guardian,

What kind of experiences do you or your family have with Islamic religious education in basic education? What are your expectations for Islamic religious education at school? Write a letter to the researcher and share your experiences. Your response is greatly appreciated in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic!

This study aims to investigate guardians’ experiences on Islamic religious education in Finnish basic education. You are eligible to participate the study if your child has taken part in Islamic religious education at school at some point.

The responses will be anonymous. You may answer via computer, phone or other mobile device.

You can participate in the research in Finnish, Arabic, Somali, Persian (Farsi) or English.


The responsible researcher for this study is Niina Putkonen. Please do not hesitate to contact her with any questions related to the research.

Contact information:

Doctoral Researcher
Niina Putkonen
Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki
p. 050 475 7818

Data protection notice:

Finnish (suomi)
Arabic (العربية)
Somali (af soomaali)
Persian (Farsi) (فارسی)

Tutkimuksen vastausaika on päättynyt. Lämmin kiitos kaikille tutkimukseen osallistuneille!

The response time has ended. My warmest thanks to everyone who participated in the study!