What do I research?

In my doctoral study I research the Islamic religious education in Finnish comprehensive school. I am interested in how the diversity in Islam is manifested in Islamic religious education and home-school cooperation. I examine the phenomenon from the perspectives of teachers of Islamic religion and guardians.

The aim of the study is to provide new knowledge of (1) guardians’ expectations, wishes and perceptions of school’s Islamic religious education (2) the pedagogical tools that teachers have, and need, to take into account the diversity in Islam in teaching (3) the practices of home-school cooperation between teachers of Islamic religion and guardians.

The research data includes interviews with teachers of Islamic religion and a multilingual study that surveys the experiences of guardians about Islamic religious education in comprehensive school. One was able to participate in the research in Finnish, Arabic, Somali, Persian and English. Read more about this survey in my blog.

Please have a look at my research on the University of Helsinki Research Portal.