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Job announcement: Postdoctoral researcher (anthropology) specialising in Vanuatu

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki invites applications for the position of POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER (anthropology) specialising in Vanuatu for a fixed term period starting as agreed for the duration of 54-60 months.

The ERC-funded project “Properties of Units and Standards” is looking to employ a full-time postdoctoral researcher to complete a small team of socio-cultural anthropologists. The research team is led by Dr Matti Eräsaari, an economic anthropologist who has carried out ethnographic research in Fiji and Finland on topics such as time, exchange, food, and value.

We are looking for a researcher with a PhD in socio-cultural anthropology and the expertise necessary to conduct independent fieldwork in Vanuatu. Previous work in economic anthropology, valuation studies, STS, or other relevant specializations will be considered an advantage but not a requirement. Primarily, we are looking for a capable fieldworker. Ethnographers who specialise on other Pacific Islands may also be considered for the post, but priority will be given to Vanuatu specialists.

In addition to conducting research in their field site, the appointed researcher is expected to contribute to the project’s theoretical aims on the basis of their ethnographic findings. Other main tasks include writing publications, actively participating in other research activities of the group, and contributing to teaching in Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Helsinki (up to 5% time commitment annually).

Read the full announcement and apply for the position: