New Review of “Literature and the Peripheral City”

The latest Literary Geographies features a review of Literature and the Peripheral City (eds. Lieven Ameel, Jason Finch & Markku Salmela) by Swaralipi Nandi. Some quotes:

“Literature and the Peripheral City edited by Lieven Ameel, Jason Finch and Markku Salmela makes an important contribution to the recent scholarship in the field of spatial studies concerning the literary imagination of urbanscapes. In a marked departure from the existing scholarship on literary representation of the city that have primarily focused on the ‘canonical’ urban centres, the collection primarily aims to expand literary
urban studies, as the editors note in the introduction, beyond ‘the radar of Western metropolises and their canonized literature’ that has traditionally focused on ‘imposing capitals of modernity and postmodernity’.” (Nandi 2016)

“The introduction provides a cogent literature review of previous works in
the field … .” (Nandi 2016)

“[compared to other works on literary urbanity] Literature and the Peripheral City offers a wider scope both spatially and temporally by invoking a longer history of literary imagination of the city acrossdifferent literary cultures of the globe.” (Nandi 2016)


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