Registration of Courses

After you have successfully passed the course that belongs to the ExpREES’s study guide, you will get the credits. In order to get other than University of Helsinki’s courses included in the ExpREES studies, you need to ask the responsible teacher to send the information about your grade to the study coordinator via e-mail (hanna.o.peltonen[a] Only then your course can be registered in the Aleksanteri-institute. You may also send the proof of passed course by yourself, if possible.

opintojen rekisteröinti

After the information about the course you have passed has one way or another reached Aleksanteri-institute, it will be registered in the WebOodi of the University of Helsinki. To check the credits and to print out your transcript of records, students outside the University of Helsinki can apply for username here.

When you know that you will not be doing any more courses via the ExpREES, let the coordinator know. Then the latest you will be provided with the transcript of records to include the ExpREES studies to your degree. You will also receive a special certificate of completed unit of ExpREES studies, in case you have been granted at least 25 ECTS.

Please note, that the studies completed before you were accepted as ExpREES student cannot be included in these 25 ECTS’s. They can be included in the certificate only after the 25 ECTS’s are gained with new courses.