Meet the board

Maureen Akinyi

I am originally from Kenya and moved to Helsinki for my postdoc after receiving my Ph.D in Trieste, Italy in 2015. I am passionate about Biology and even more so RNA biology. I joined ViPA to get more involved in the University and contribute to developing a vibrant network of postdocs through organization of both scientific and social activities.

Daniel Toddie-Moore

I have been a postdoc in Osamu Shimmi’s lab since 2014. I work on coupling mechanisms  between epithelial morphogenesis and extracellular signalling. I am part of ViPA to encourage a sense of community amongst postdocs and to help provide postdocs with opportunities that can enhance their future careers.

Joanna Kowalczyk

I have been a postdoc in the Fungal Genetics and Biotechnology group since 2017. Fungi are fascinating microorganisms and have a major commercial impact in product areas including food and feed, pulp and paper, textiles, detergents, beverages, bio-fuel and chemical production. I believe that better understanding of fungal molecular biology is critical for the sustainable, knowledge-based bio-economy. I joined ViPA to promote social integration and professional development among postdocs.

Tânia Keiko Shishido Joutsen

I am a postdoctoral researcher studying natural products produced by microbial communities living in lichens. I am a biologist from Brazil, but I have been living in Finland since 2010 and during this period I obtained my PhD in microbiology and I am currently working in the group of Petri Auvinen at the Institute of Biotechnology, HILIFE. I joined VIPA board with the hope to improve postdocs lives and networking possibilities within the University life.

Pia Kinaret

I obtained my PhD degree  in year 2017 and I am currently studying immunotoxicity and immunomodulatory effects of engineered nanomaterials at the Institute of Biotechnology. ViPA is actively promoting and organising courses, networking possibilities and events for postdoctoral fellows. I wish to be part of ViPA’s important effort to improve postdoctoral training and in creating dynamic research environment for postdocs.

Janne Wallenius

I started as a postdoc in the Fungal Genetics and Biotechnology group in the beginning of 2019. I work on fungal enzymes related to aromatic metabolism. I joined VIPA board with the hope of contributing and strengthening the multidisciplinary postdoc network over the departments.


Previous Members

Konstantin Kogan

Windi Muziasari

Maryna Chukhlieb

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