Funding Seminar (online)

Funding Seminar

13th  of June 2024


Are you a postdocs or early career researcher struggling with the complexities of research funding? Viikki Postdoctoral Association (ViPA) understands the challenges and stress that come with securing funds for your research. That’s why we’re hosting an online seminar with Henna Moore, a senior advisor from research funding services. Henna will share invaluable tips and strategies to help you successfully navigate the funding landscape for your postdoctoral research.
Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert insights and boost your chances of securing the funding you need!

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Career seminar: Working outside academia

Career seminar: Working outside academia

13th  of May 2024


Viikki Info Centre room K1088

Helsingin yliopiston loimulaiset HYLO ry arranges a career seminar event on Monday 13 May 2024 in collaboration with Viikki Postdoctoral Association (ViPA). Come to hear career stories from the private and public world (outside academia): What to expect when moving from academia to other sectors? What opportunities do companies offer to academics?

We will have speakers from three organizations and a Loimu career representative:

Sonja Klärck, Senior territory account manager, Illumina

 Mari Kekkonen, PhD, AI Engineer, Silo AI

Outi Ala-Honkola, PhD, Senior Specialist on biodiversity, Ministry of the Environment

Suvi Liikkanen, Loimu Career Services presenting: “As an international talent in Finland – what is Loimu doing for us?”

There is a possibility for discussion after the presentations.

Vegan salty snacks will be served. The event is free of charge.

Registration before the 5th of May at:

Career thinking through climate urgency

Career thinking through climate urgency

24th  April, 2024


Viikki Think Corner company (Latokartanonkaari 3)

Careers are often a stressful time for young researchers. Amid the climate crisis and the growing consequences, the uncertainty and the anxiety related to academics day-to-day work, and life is growing. Come to listen to and discuss with career professionals studying this matter as well as fellow academics engaged into climate awareness.

About our speakers:

Dr. Panu Pihkala (b. 1979, he/his) is an adjunct professor of environmental theology (Title of Docent) at the University of Helsinki. He is currently known as a leading expert in interdisciplinary eco-anxiety research. Pihkala is the author of several books about eco-emotions in Finnish and he has received many awards in Finland for his work with eco-anxiety. He hosts the podcast “Climate Change and Happiness” with pioneering environmental psychologist Thomas Doherty. Pihkala has developed practical methods for eco-emotion work and he leads workshops often in collaboration with artists and/or educators. He serves as an advisor for many practical projects especially in Finland.

Heini Hult-Miekkavaara is as a career counsellor at the University of Helsinki and head and coordinator of the Aarresaari career services’ network. She also a member of the steering group for the implementation of the university’s sustainability and responsibility strategy. She is interested in post-fossil careers and how career counseling can play a transformative role in the sustainability transition. She has just embarked on a research of young activists’ thoughts on the future, work and career in the context of the eco-social crisis.

Scientist Rebellion Finland: Scientist Rebellion primarily consists of scientists, scholars, and academics and is geared towards mobilizing the academic community to engage in non-violent civil disobedience.

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What would my research look like as a startup company?

What would my research look like as a startup company?

20th March, 2024


Viikki Think Corner company (Latokartanonkaari 3)

Organized with VIPA and Helsinki Incubators, discover how would your research be as a startup company.

In this workshop, we will let our creative confidence shine. Our goal is to understand what impact your topic of research and studies could have to the world as an innovation or a company. We will learn what it takes from an invention such as discovery of “electricity” to become a system changing innovation in societies and how us researchers are central part of the world’s novelties!

This workshop will consist of short introduction to the topic, brainstorming exercises, and understanding your role in the envisioned future. You will experience the different steps that forge the startup culture, using associations thinking, brainstorming and following startup team structure models to understand what your unique position is in making the innovation become reality.

For example, we are able to use the newest AI tool which we have in Helsinki Incubators to generate business plans from research during the workshop to give concrete examples of participants’ own research.

The event is organized with VIPA and Helsinki Incubators. Santeri Tuovila is the workshop host, with experience in organizing several innovation and startup programmes as well as self-development workshops and courses.

After work – Game night

After work – Game night

27th February, 2024


Coolhead Brewery (Koetilantie 1)

Come and meet the other postdocs of Viikki campus around boardgames. It is the perfect opportunity of knowing who is working in the next room/building in a relax atmosphere. Enjoy some drinks and/or pizzas from CoolHead brew. Discuss with the board members of ViPA about the next events or possible involvements in the association.

Night of Science at Coolhead: Communication, Evolution and Adaptation

Night of Science at Coolhead: Communication, Evolution and Adaptation

25th January (Thursday)


Coolhead Brewery (Koetilantie 1) *Coolhead kitchen will be opened!


Tieteiden Yö – The Night of Science is a collection of free-of-charge science popularization events targeted to anyone who is interested in science. ViPA is hosting a special event for the Night of Science 2024 taking place on the 25th of January! Event website:

Join us at Coolhead brewery to hear more about everything from cells and genes to species evolution and climate change! Our postdoctoral researchers from the University of Helsinki Vikki campus will share and discuss their latest research with you!


Dr. Audrey Bras – Insects evolving under human influences

Dr. Eva Kanari – Soils and climate change

Dr. Sophie Van Meyel – Why do we live in groups? Insights into cooperation within a group in two insect species

Dr. Muhammad Yasir Asghar – Endoplasmic reticulum stress and calcium signaling in cancer cells

Dr. Martta Viljanen – To see or not to see – photobiology of Arctic zooplankton

Cross Campus Postdocs meet and greet

Cross Campus Postdocs meet and greet

5th December (Tuesday)

15h30-17h30 Fönster, Think corner (Yliopistonkatu 4)

17h30-20h00 Library bar, Belge (Kluuvikatu 5)


Coffee & Networking
Get to know postdoc clubs
Brainstorm future activities.

Kumpula Junior Faculty Club (KJFC
Viikki Postdoctoral Association (ViPA
Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE

Please register by 27th November


Career in Academia seminar

Career in Academia seminar

4th December (Monday)


Think Company Viikki

We have three group leaders professor Frauke Ecke, Associate professor Rose Thorogood and Professor Kirsi Mikkonen from Viikki, talking about their career in academia and giving valuable tips for early career researchers interested in a similar path. Feel free to prepare questions to ask them!

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Science Communication Workshop

Science Communication Workshop

30th October (Monday)


Think Company Viikki

Carly is an evolutionary ecologist who has managed, coordinated and carried out numerous outreach events for a broad range of audiences. She is particularly enthusiastic about outreach that reaches those with fewer opportunities to hear about, learn of, and get involved with, research. Signup for a 1.5hour long workshop on science outreach, designed for postdocs who are new and wanting to build their experience in science communication. Carly will give a general short talk on how to start communicating your research to non-academic audiences, which will be followed by a short interactive workshop.

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Night of Science 2024

You may be aware of the Night of Science event, which is an annual block party for science and research in Helsinki. The Night of Science is a collection of free-of-charge events targeted to anyone who is interested in science. The event program is provided by several organizations and actors. Event website:

Viikki Postdoctoral Association is planning to organize an event at the next Night of Science. We are looking for postdocs who would like to give a short talk about their own research at the Night of Science 2024 on 25th of January. This is a unique opportunity to popularize your own research and to get practice on presenting to the public in a relaxed atmosphere. This is also counted as scientific outreach activity, which is a valuable addition in your CV.

Got interested? Please contact us at: or send an email to