Women network event rescheduled to 26.10.2018

Dear colleagues,

We would like to inform you the reschedule of our next event in Meilahti campus,  Sharing experiences with women scientists. Since there is an EMBL symposium at the same time, we decided to change the date. We are sorry for the last minute notification.

The new date is: 26.10.18, Friday.

Time: 14-16

Place: Biomedicum I, Seminar room3, P-floor


Prof. Elina Ikonen, Prof. Anna-Elina Lehesjoki and Dr. Gulayse Ince-Dunn, will share with us their personal experience as women scientists and we will have an open discussion afterwards. Following the networking, we will have a more informal hour with drinks and dinner for those interested.  Everyone (men/women) is welcome!!

Please, register for the event in the link below until 25.10.


-Blanca Fernández López

About us and our aims

We are a community of women scientist of all stages and ages from the BI and Viikki campus who hope to raise awareness of women in science and promotenetworking opportunities.

On this blog we hope to share events and ideas with everyone who is interested and form a platform for mutual engagement. Everyone, man or woman, interested in the topic please join the community.

Johanna Englund, PhD                          

Katajisto Lab, Institute of Biotechnology
University of Helsinki

Fumi Suomi, PhD

McWillams Lab
RPU for Molecular Neurology
Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki

Blanca Fernández López, PhD

Department of Anatomy
Neuroscience Center
Helsinki, Finland

Svetlana Sharifulina, PhD

Department of Anatomy
Neuroscience Center
Helsinki, Finland




Former members

Kira Holmström, PhD

Senior Scientist/Orion Corporation

Viikki Lifescience Network for Women Scientists are awarded for the Maikki Friberg award!

The Maikki Friberg Award is granted annually for notable work towards the promotion of equality at the University of Helsinki. This year, we were awarded for our activities during 2017 and the proposal for the events in 2018!

The prize of 3000 euros was awarded on May 25th at 12 on the Minerva Square (Siltavuorenpenger 5 A) at Work related Wellbeing afternoon -event.

Congratulations for Viikki Lifescience Network for Women Scientists!

The usage of the award will be presented in the networking event in Meilahti next week.



Does gender matter?

Ben A. Barres, widely recognised neuroscientist who advocated for gender equality in science, describes gender bias in science.

In this article in Nature published in 2006, he explains scientifically how the myth in “gender difference in availability” DOES NOT exist, but how gender bias blocks women in proceeding in their career in science. He tells some of his own experiences of bias as a transgendered person in scientific career, which unfortunately is evidently representing what can happen to all women in science. He states the importance of taking action, not to stay silent and educate younger generations. Now in 2018, does gender still matter?

-Fumi Suomi

This article is recommended by Blanca Fernández.

Meilahti networking event

Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to our first networking event in Meilahti campus, organised by Viikki Women’s Lifescience Network.

This event aims to bring together female researchers from different stages of their careers within life science field in Meilahti campus. We will introduce you the activities we have been organising in Viikki last year and we would like to use this occasion to discuss and develop together the network. The meeting is open to everybody (men and women) and all ideas and suggestions are welcome! 

Date: 13th of June, Wednesday

Time: 14:00-15:00

Place: Biomedicum I, Meeting room1, P-floor


Please, fill in the registration form by Monday June 11th for the convenience for coffee preparation.



Blanca Fernández

Svetlana Sharifulina

Fumi Suomi

On behalf of the Viikki Women’s Lifescience Network

WMN Networking event 5th April with working life expert guest speaker