Global South Studies course basket

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The course basket is regularly updated and the selection may vary on yearly basis.


Compulsory courses, 5 cp

812158                Introduction to Global South studies, 5 cp    This course will not be organized in 2016.

Optional courses, 20 cp

990139               Global Political Economy, 5 cp    SPRING 2016

990115               Development economics I, 5 cp    SPRING 2016

990124               Development economics II, 5 cp    SPRING 2016

990148               Inequalities, insecurity and violence in Central America, 5 cp   SPRING 2016

990138               Social realities in developing countries, 5 cp FALL 2015

990117               International mobility, 5 cp  FALL 2015

990110               Climate change and global development, 5 cp  SPRING 2016

990123               Instruments of Development Co-operation, 10 cp  SPRING 2016 (requires prior studies in development studies or GSS studies. targeted for students who are close to finalising their studies)

7914                   Globalization, development and the environment in Latin America, 5  cp                             FALL 2015

790M215           International and global institutions, 5 cp  SPRING 2016 

731320               Disability in a global perspective, 5 cp    FALL 2015

733130               Poverty research workshop, 5 cp  FALL 2015 (Master’s levels)

71134                 African Philosophy, 5 cp  May 2015 (intensive course). The students who have not studied philosophy earlier are recommended to consult the teacher of the course (sirkku.hellsten(at) to get advise on how to prepare for the course.

882045               Nutritional problems in low income countries (RAV141), 3 cp   SPRING 2016

812018               Sustainability in agri-food systems, 5 cp  FALL 2015

812196               Plant production in the Tropics (KTT506), 5 cp    FALL 2016

812197               Tropical plants of economic importance (KTT507), 2 cp (anytime)

80053                 Agriculture, agroforestry and forestry in developing countries,  3 cp                                FALL 2015

830198               Agroforestry I, 3 cp   FALL 2015

830117               Tropical forest ecology and conservation, 5 cp   SPRING 2016

83096                 Introduction to tropical forestry, 4 cp  SPRING 2016   

83060                 International Forest Policy (FOR 255), 5 cp  FALL 2015

81810                 Sustainable agricultural and rural development, 3 cp    SPRING 2016

83633                 Participatory methods in sustainable management of natural                                             resources, 5  cp  (MSc. level, requires TROP120, TROP140 or                                           corresponding knowledge)   FALL 2015

83454                Environmental GIS, 5 cp (GIS101 or GIS102 or equivalent required)                                             SPRING, Offered in odd-numbered years

882588              Bioethics and legislation, 3 cp    SPRING 2016

400015              Culture and Society in Africa (AAF140), 5 cp  FALL 2016

406184              Languages of Africa and the Middle East (literature exam), 5 cp                     

406183              History of Africa and the Middle East (literature exam), 5 cp

406036              History of the Horn of Africa (Hyl322/211/214B/C/AAF345), 5 cp   FALL 2015

400031              Current African affairs (AAF232) (literature exam), 5 cp   2015/2016

402265              Decolonizing methods and epistemic differences, 5 cp  SPRING 2016

7580301a           Ethnography Seminar I in Anthropology: Melanesian ethnography                                       and environmental anthropology, 5 cp    FALL 2015

7580301f           Ethnography Seminar I in Anthropology: Environmental                                           Anthropology in Madagascar and Southeast Asia,  5 cp   SPRING 2016

7580202             Anthropological Research Problems II: Anthropological Perspectives on                              Politics and Environment (requires basics in social sciences) 10 cp SPRING

403893              Latin America, Region and Space, 5 cp  FALL 2015

405463              Digital Media in India: Religion, Culture, Society, 5 cp  SPRING 2016

406003              Mexican history, 5 cp  FALL 2015

406778              Insights into the past and present of indigenous societies in  the                                        Americas, 5 cp  FALL 2015

406009              Cities in Globalizing World AD 1000-2000, 5 cp SPRING 2016

564191              Current debates in development geography, 5 cp  FALL 2015

564024              Tourism and Development, 3 cp/5 cp SPRING 2016

56173                Migration and environmental changes, 5 cp  SPRING 2016

56229                Big data for studying tourism, 5 cp  (MSc. level, requires experience in spatial analyses and GIS, e.g. ArcGIS), FALL 2015

100104A           World Religions, 2 cp FALL 2015

100117A           Faith and Globalization, 5 cp  SPRING 2016



Below is a tentative list of courses organized during the academic year 2015-2016. For updated course information see:

Public Health in Humanitarian Crises

Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation

Concepts of Sustainability

Gender and Development

United Nations and Human Rights

Globalisation and Corporate Responsibility

Introduction to Development Economics

United Nations, Peace and Security

International Development Policy and Analysis



To choose courses from Aalto university,  you need to have Flexible Study Right through JOO-agreement.

Global Water Problems, 5 cp, FALL 2015 Global Water Problems course at Aalto (Targeted at MSc level students)

Sustainable Global Technologies Programme

The SGT Programme  is a 20 credit multidisciplinary educational programme organized at the Aalto University. The SGT Programme aims at offering Master’s and PhD level educational modules, which increase research and educational awareness in the fields of sustainability, development and technology. By combining viewpoints from urbanization, technology, development and communication skills, it also aims at creating long-term research and educational institutional partnerships between Finnish universities and developing world universities.