Global South Studies course basket

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Optional courses, 25 cr

AGRI-222 Sustainable Food Systems 5 cr

AGRI-201 Plant production in the tropics, 5 cr

AGRI-247 Tropical plants of economic importance, 5 cr

ME-226 Agriculture, agroforestry and forestry in the tropics, 3 cr

ME-228 Tropical forest ecology and conservation, 5 cr

ME-229 Introduction to tropical forestry, 5 cr

FOR-251 Participatory methods in sustainable management of natural resources, 5 cr

FOR-259 GIS and RS in environmental and land use applications, 5 cr

FOR-012 Helsinki university summer school – managing sustainable forest landscapes, 6 cr

FOR-013 Studies with changing content, 1-5 cr

FOR-101 Responsible business management in global forest bioeconomy, 5 cr

FOR-104 Analysing forest policy processes, 5 cr

FOR-108 Qualitative empirical reseach methods, approaches and research ethics, 5 cr

FOR-109 Ecosystem services: a comprehensive introduction to theory and applications, 5 cr

FOR-247 Methods and tools in tropical forestry, 5 cr

FOR-248 Field course: tropical forests and agroforests, 5 cr

FOR-249 Agroforestry 2 – for sustainable livelihoods and ecosystem services, 5 cr

FOR-250 Tropical silviculture and forest management, 5 cr

FOR-252 Plantation forestry in the tropics, 5 cr

FOR-253 Tropical forests and climate change, 5 cr

FOR-260 Metsien kaukokartoituksen jatkokurssi, 5 cr

FOR-261 Environmental effects of wood harvesting, 5 cr

FOR-262 Forest bioenergy, 5 cr


Below is a tentative list of courses organized during the spring 2018. For updated course information see:

Migration, Development and Human Rights 19.3.-6.5.2018

Water and Society (WASO) 5.3.-22.4.2018

International Development Policy and Analysis 12.3.-11.5.2018

Registration closed:

Gender and Development

Implications on Climate Change

Globalisation and Corporate Responsibility

Introduction to Development Economics


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Sustainable Global Technologies Programme

The SGT Programme  is a 20 credit multidisciplinary educational programme organized at the Aalto University. The SGT Programme aims at offering Master’s and PhD level educational modules, which increase research and educational awareness in the fields of sustainability, development and technology. By combining viewpoints from urbanization, technology, development and communication skills, it also aims at creating long-term research and educational institutional partnerships between Finnish universities and developing world universities.