University of Helsinki Global South (HUGS) Network

University of Helsinki Global South Network aims to enhance cooperation in research and education related to developing countries at the various campuses of the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Several units are conducting research and provide courses related to development. There is a positive trend of increasing activities and new units and people are getting involved. Teaching and research related to developing countries require special knowledge and contacts. Former experience as well as intellectual and social capital can be shared through the network. This is especially important when new research groups are starting to work on a subject.

The main goal of the HUGS Network is to enhance the visibility and impact of developing country- related research and education at the University of Helsinki.  By sharing experience, good practices and information, the quality and effectiveness of this subject area can be increased.

Another important goal is to facilitate student and staff mobility between the University of Helsinki and the universities in the Global South. The exchange may be gradually balanced towards more equal movement to both directions (north-south/ south-north). Also Nordic universities´ cooperation along with the emerging south-south collaboration enhance the capacities for fruitful and sustainable  knowledge-exchange.

A multidisciplinary minor of 25 credit points, called Global South Studies, is offered to students interested in the cross-cutting themes of development.