Thinking and Judging

l”Thoughtlessness—the heedless recklessness or hopeless confusion or complacent repetition of “truths“ which have become trivial and empty—seems to me among the outstanding characteristics of our time.

What I propose, therefore, is very simple: it is nothing more than to think what we are doing.” (Hannah Arendt)


Thinking and Judging Political with Hannah Arendt

  • The course will teach students to think and analyse political phenomenon together with (and against) Hannah Arendt.
  • It will familiarise students with the central themes and core concepts of Hannah Arendt’s political thought, as also with the criticism and further development of these by other political thinkers.
  • The course proceeds with thematic openings and it should strengthen students’ abilities to conceptualize, analyze and understand the major political themes of modern political thought.