• 5.11. Introduction: The Birth of the Political Thinker
  • 9.11. A Singular life
  • 12.11.¬† A Singular life II
  • 16.11. Identity politics, Refugees and Perplexities of The Human Rights
  • 19.11. Totalitarianism, Terror and Politics
  • 23.11. The Conditions of Active Life
  • 26.11. Broken Tradition, Authority and Freedom
  • 30.11. Revolution and Violence
  • 3.12 The Banality of Evil and Political Judgment
  • 7.12. Thinking, Willing and Judging the Politics

14.12.2012 Seminar discussion  8-12

Web discussions in the Moodle environment: II period.

Web discussions: 5.11.2010-14.12.2010

  • Students have to participate on web discussions about the themes of the course
  • They have to read two articles and discuss them in groups
  • In the end of the course they had to make individual report about the discussions


  • For receive full 6 credits, students had to write ten page essays on some of the course topics and to participate on seminar discussion 14.12.2012. The essays had to be based on independent student research work.
  • For receive 3 credits, students had to participate on lectures and web discussions, make an individual report on the discussion and a short pondering commentary on the two texts, which are read¬† during the course.


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