Moodle Learning Environment

Moodle is the virtual learning environment used in University of Helsinki.

The course discussions will be held in Moodle

From the course page in Moodle you also find:

  • Power-points of the Lectures
  • The Articles you need to read
  • Further information

Registering to the course in Moodle

Registering is done in Moodle front page

Choose the Social Sciences faculty from Course category on the front page

Choose the course: Thinking and Judging with Hannah Arendt. Notice: there is two courses with the same name. Choose the second one. This is the 2012 course. (click on its name).

Login to the University of Helsinki account

  • write down your user name and password (University of Helsinki user account).

Finally, give a course enrolment key (it is given to you in first lecture)


This should be direct link to the course:

Thinking and Judging Hannah Arendt (Moodle)


For more information and help see: Moodle Manual for Students

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