Research Instrument Scales

The used scales in the research instrument, i.e., the structured learning diary, have been released. The used scales are quite thorough thought and based on the research findings special interest should be given to the difficulty scale 1 (easy) – 5 (hard). The emotion / feeling scale: excited, relaxed, neutral, bored, and anxious are based… Continue reading Research Instrument Scales

Second study submitted

The second study, build on the findings and the data of the first study, has now been submitted to a higher education IT-related conference. Now we just need to wait for the review comments from there and hopefully, the presentation and publication will happen later this year. Fingers crossed that the presentation will be in… Continue reading Second study submitted

First study submitted!

The first original scientific research related to this project has been submitted. Now we just have to wait for the peer review results. More updates will follow as soon as we get the review comments. At this point, there is not much more we can announce. We don’t want to mess with the double blind… Continue reading First study submitted!

Talk to the Danish Learning Analytics Network

Ville Kivimäki gave a talk about the structured learning diaries to the Danish learning analytics network. In addition, Ville participated in discussions with fellow researchers, specialists and students. The presented material is available here: DanishLA_VK.

The story that preceded this project

This story started in Aalto University, late 2016. Professor Jani Romanoff said to planning officer Ville Kivimäki that we need to have another way to collect course feedback. The feedback needs to be meaningful and a greater percentage of the students needs to participate. From this starting point, the design phase of the project started.… Continue reading The story that preceded this project

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