I am an Italian legal historian and Marie Curie Fellow at the Centre of Excellence in Law (Eurostorie) at the University of Helsinki.

I am interested in the legal history of the late-medieval and early-modern period and have published on topics such as judicial proofs, presumption, interpretation, judicial discretion, legal reasoning, sources of law and others.

My other centre of interest is legal theory with special reference to the anti-formalist turn of the period 1930-60.

My background is in law (laurea cum laude) and political theory/intellectual history (MSc London School of Economics 2000 and MPhil Cambridge 2001). I wrote my doctoral dissertation in legal history on 16th century theory of presumptions (PhD Cambridge 2007). I also received a PhD in EU private law (Macerata 2013).


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Departmental page: https://tuhat.helsinki.fi/portal/en/person/giuliani