Tenth week

This week some time planning, where can I buy more time for the week?

I read news from Yle. All together an hour in this week too while my to the campus. A lot of news about the situation on eastern Finland borders. The government is about to close some borders because Russia is pushing undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers over the border. Some problems with Olkiluoto 3 again, its been shut down for few days because of bug. One study about how Finland´s dark season on winter effects on how babies sleep. It sounded logical and I think that it affects how everyone sleeps. I have noticed by myself that I sleep more on wintertime, and it is still harder to wake up feeling refreshed.

I listened one podcast episode. It was separated on two sections as usually, one hour and 20min per one. This time it was about housing problem in the USA: What if housing in the United States wasn’t so expensive? Really interesting topic and I enjoyed listening to it on a walk. In the USA there is a lot of homeless and segregation and income differences which can be huge. The podcasters were talking about New Yorks situation as one example and it was interesting, because if you think about New York, first thing you might have in your mind is skyscrapers, rush, traffic, fame and big as descriptive adjective. But it is larger area than you thought and larger value of difference… Almost like slums outside the central, people sleeping on streets, crime, dark alleys and dark areas where even the locals won’t go. Housing is very expensive and in USA there is not welfare sosiety benefits as we have in Finland, how can you by a house without anything? Even rents are pretty high. Housing problem and homeless is a real problem in America and they are trying to do something about it because it has started to show up to tourists and news. Not so likely imagine, how will they want their cities to look like? How can they make it different?

And that was it about this week …

Here is my timetable:

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