The beginning and the plan

Two weeks ago the ALMS English course officially started and so far I’ve learned what it is all about and how the course is supposed to support my learning in areas where I most need improvement in. At this point I don’t feel that I need much exercise in easy talking or such, since I am quite happy with my casual discussion English skills. As much more important things to learn for me are academic writing and reading and maybe later debating and more advanced conversation options.

Based on these language goals I have drafted a plan for studying which includes all 108 hours of work these 4 credits include. The plan however is just a draft and it might differ somewhat from how the process will turn out to be in reality. However at least making the plan has already helped me find the points I should focus on and to try to discover new and convenient methods to reach my learning goals.

Here is my plan for the spring term ALMS course:

10 h administrative work

10 hours of academic reading

5 hours academic writing

20 hours support groups

5 hours social learning with friends

10 hours of podcasts

10 hours of watching related documentaries

10 hours of learning vocabulary -science and geography especially

10 hours of movies and TV (no subtitles)

10 hours of grammar learning tasks

8 hours of reading news in English

Right now I feel good about the plan, but I am not sure whether the support groups will take as much time as I have planned them to do, but then I will put my time and efforts into other aspects of learning.

Until next time!