We have been fortunate to collaborate with a group of master students from Creative Sustainability program in Aalto University. These students went through a fantastic planning process that actualized a MOBILE NATURECULTURE RESEARCH STATION to be used in our research project. The students considered carefully the needs of the researchers in conducting open, rhizomatic research based on assemblages and atmospheres, and further, they engaged with Anna Tsing’s book The Mushroom at the End of the World. As the driving concepts for the actualization of the station the students chose ‘life in ruins’, wonder and curiosity, engagement, and visibility.

We will move around in the Helsinki capital area during the following summers with this station that can be plugged in as a cart to a electrically assisted bicycle. The station will serve as a platform to research practices such as multispecies storytelling and artistic observation excercises.

THE RESEARCH STATION IN Living-with Feral Ecologies Festival 15.9.2023
Photo: H. Ylirisku


Photos of the building process of the station by the students: