27.2.2024 Abigail Hackett: Towards a posthuman view of voice, participation and coproduction in relation to sustainable futures with children. Guest lecture, Helsinki, Finland.

16.1.2024. David Ben Shannon: A/utisms: Neurodiversity, music composition, and “queer labour” in an early childhood research-creation project. Guest lecture. Helsinki, Finland.

12.1.2024 Henrika Ylirisku & Riikka Hohti: Attuning, noticing, earthing – A walking art experiment with Anthropocene landscapes. Conference paper. European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ECQI) 2024, Helsinki. Finland.

10.1.2024 Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas, Henrika Ylirisku, Varpu Mehto, Verneri Valasmo & Riikka Hohti: Multispecies speculative design and the peculiar ethics of a Natureculture Research Station. Conference paper and a workshop. European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ECQI) 2024, Helsinki, Finland.

14.12.2023 Henrika Ylirisku & Teija Löytönen: Embracing the unexpectedness in research creation through artistic thinking. Conference paper, Kulttuurintutkimuksen päivät 2023, Espoo, Finland.

13.10.2023 Professor Karen Malone: “Destruction of the planet is personal”: Troubling eco-anxiety by theorising children and young people’s grief and hope differently. Guest lecture and a workshop. Helsinki, Finland.

5.10.2023 Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas, Riikka Hohti,  Henrika Ylirisku, Verneri Valasmo & Varpu Mehto: The building of a Natureculture Research Station: A multispecies design for more-than-human worlds. Conference paper, (Un)Common Worlds III: Navigating and Inhabiting Biodiverse Anhropocenes, Oulu, Finland.

4.10.2023 Henrika Ylirisku & Riikka Hohti: Attuning to multispecies landscapes in the Anthropocene: A walking art experiment. Conference paper, (Un)Common Worlds III: Navigating and Inhabiting Biodiverse Anhropocenes, Oulu, Finland.

16.9.2023 Children of the Anthropocene: Multispecies storytelling at the Natureculture Research Station. Open storytelling sessions, Living-with Feral Ecologies festival, Helsinki.

15.9.2023 Henrika Ylirisku (moderator), Riikka Hohti (discussant) ja (Riikka Haapalainen (discussant): EMMA TALKS: In shared worlds – Weird coliving with other species and materialities. Open discussion event. EMMA – Espoo museum of modern art.

23.8.2023 Verneri Valasmo, Varpu Mehto & Riikka Hohti: Cultivating arts on attentiveness through multispecies storytelling – co-living and conflicts in a zoo. Conference paper . ECER, Glasgow, UK

11.08.2023. Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas & Essi Ikonen: Hair-Power Performativity: A co-experimental braiding together of SFF and inquiry. Conference paper.  Disruptive Imaginations, Science Fiction Research Association & German Association for Research in the Fantastic (SFRA & GFF) 2023, Dresden, Germany.

25.5.2023 Verneri Valasmo, Varpu Mehto & Riikka Hohti: Multispecies ethnography in a zoo – encounters among children and barnacle geese. Conference paper. Sustainability Science Days, University of Helsinki.

11.5.2023 Riikka Hohti: What else than hero stories? Composting (multispecies) ethnography as a critical approach. Keynote-lecture, Critpen.

9.5.2023 Henrika Ylirisku & Riikka Hohti: Line walk – Attuning to Anthropocene landscapes through an artistic walking experiment. Presentation of an working article, Open research seminar: Planetary youth research, Finnish Youth Research Society, Helsinki.

13.4.2023 Anttoni Kervinen, Tuomas Aivelo, Riikka Hohti, Maria Helena Saari, Tuure Tammi & Pauliina Rautio: Exploring Ratty Places with Young People. How Can Ecological Research Open Opportunities for More than Human Participation? Conference paper, AERA, Chicago, USA.

13.4.2023 Riikka Hohti: Between Ruins and Odd Hope. Multispecies Assemblages and Atmospheres in Research With Young People. Conference paper, AERA, Chicago, USA.

23.3.2023 Henrika Ylirisku: What can environmental education do? Invited presentation, Engagement in collective acts: multidisciplinary views – minisymposium, University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä.

3.3.2023 Antroposeenin lapset (ATMOSPHERES): Project presentation and a workshop on multispecies storytelling, Research day 2023, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences.

27.1.2023 Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas: Matter(s) of Empathy in Art Education & Research. Doctoral defence, Helsingin yliopisto, kasvatustieteellinen tiedekunta.

13.1.2023 Riikka Hohti & Henrika Ylirisku: Children of the Anthropocene. Conference paper, ECQI 2023 -konferenssi, Portsmouth, UK.

13.1.2023 Henrika Ylirisku: Thinking-with thickets – an artistic research experiment for reorienting human-nature relations. Conference paper, ECQI 2023, Portsmouth, UK.

16.12.2022 Riikka Hohti: panelist in a panel Chrisis times? Living and thinking through vulnerability and hope, organized by Finnish Anthropological Society , Helsinki.

16.12.2022 Henrika Ylirisku: panelist in a panel Kestävän tulevaisuuden mahdollistajat – Merkityksellisen tiedon ja kriittisyyden äärellä opetuksessa, organized by SIRENE research network. Tiedekulma, Helsinki.

9.12.2022 Riikka Hohti: The Anthropocene: Atmospheres, assemblages, multispecies childhoods. Introduction lecture. HELSUS Brown Bag Luch.

2.12.2022 Hanna Guttorm & Riikka Hohti: Towards earthly academic activity, the two of us. Conference paper, Gender Studies Conference, Oulu.

24.11.2022 Riikka Hohti, Henrika Ylirisku, Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas, Verneri Valasmo, Varpu Mehto: Children of the Anthropocene – Environmental atmospheres and educational contexts in “ruins”. Conference paper, FERA 2022, Oulu.

24.11.2022 Rachel Sinquefield-Kangas: Composting arts-based methods into posthuman narratives. Conference paper , FERA 2022, Oulu.

14.11.2022 Henrika Ylirisku: Children of the Anthropocene. Introduction of the research project, virtual coffee afternoon by SIRENE research network.

7.11.2022 A line made by walkingan artistic method experiment conducted by the researcher team in Vuosarenhuippu and Mustavuori in Eastern Helsinki.

6.10.2022 Riikka Hohti: Mitä ilmapiirit kertovat lapsuudesta ja ympäristöstä ja ihmistä laajemmista suhteisuuksista? Academic presentation.  Osallistuvaa, vaikuttavaa ja kriittistä – Nuorten ympäristökansalaisuus ja sen tukeminen ilmastokriisin ja luontokadon ajassa, seminar organized by All Youth, Tampere.

3.10.2022 Antroposeenin lapset (ATMOSPHERES): Kickoff seminar and a seagull workshop, University of Helsinki.