SomeJam Project: Happy Hangup

HappyHangup is a platform which provide solution to the lonely people in a country. For a new person in a country or lonely people in country, its hard to find friends. We provide group activities to involve people with others. Its going to be unique platform where youth organization can generate innovative solutions and execute those innovative ideas by involving youth of the country. It provide a unique interface where youth can interact with each other and find new friends. It a platform to have a fun whiling hanging and being a part of learning environment.

This idea is come up by our group member Singh Maninder.  The following paper is his initial idea. After Maninder‘s presentation,  Javad BohJannis Seemann and I joined the group.

The following chart is the Singh Maninder‘s original idea.


Then, we start to figure out how to go specific on this idea together. The following figure is our discussion result about what specific feature we need to realize.



The final presentation of our project on Sunday is

Github repository:

Open source license: MIT

We use the grails for web development framework and gsp for front end design.

The following pictures is our website ‘s snapshots.

Main page of our work.



Interests list of users



coming activities list



involved Company list



Details of Activity




We have a really happy experience together to complete the whole project, and we also want to get comment from users.

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