2014 tips for people participating in hackathons

By Mukesh Thakur  from LetsDoIT Team

As a developer i would say it is really important for a programmer to take part in this kind of event not only to challenge their programming skills but also to challenge their social skill and to get out of their comfort zone to make some innovative project in very short period of time. The most important thing in this kinda of event is communication and co-operation between team member to solve the problems and get things done. And of course chatting with other people is also important since u will get to meet new interesting people which is so much fun.

Choosing tools for software development could be tool, one is comfortable with or one is eager to learn. As for our team , we decided to use Ruby on Rails , since it is much more faster for protyping and Appgyver for initial protoyping( desgining ). Apart form this we sketched on the paper for modelling and we sometime argued to get to the conclusion which is very good. We used Git as base code repo since everyone of us knew git and it is super easy to use and maintain, share code.

Something on should remember in this kind of event is , it is team work , so all the work should not be done by one team member but work should be divided among all team member , nobody should be left out. Dont be afraid to speak on stage , it is not that difficult . One practical issue i would say is remember to sleep at some point or productivity decreases and yes remember your brush if u are not going home.


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