Renewal I & II

Petra Kaminen Mosher:

FibDex coated with acrylic gesso and encased between Plexiglas.

“FibDex is a wood-derived nanofibrillar cellulose material that was developed by Professor Marjo Yliperttula’s research group at the University of Helsinki.┬áIt is used as a wound dressing for burn injuries and skin grafts. It is applied once to the wound to aid healing and regeneration of skin cells. It maintains optimal moisture balance while protecting the wound site from contamination and infection. FibDex as a painting ground acts like a hybrid of paper and fabric. Its naked structure is absorptive and supple. To protect its structure from the acrylic paint and light, it is coated with several layers of acrylic gesso, and set between layers of Plexiglas like a preserved scientific specimen. The imagery of the living birch tree was chosen because it evokes the source and renewability of this innovative material”.

Price: 2900 EUR (1450 EUR for the artist, 1450 EUR for the faculty’s sustainable pharmacy fund).

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