The national multidisciplinary seminar BIOETHICS RESEARCH IN FINLAND – ITS STATE AND FUTURE draws together all interested parties to discuss the current state and future directions of bioethics in Finland. The focus is investigative rather than pragmatic, and emphasis will be placed on bioethical research conducted in universities, research institutes, ministries, non-governmental organisations, and committees.

Our international keynote speaker is Professor Norman Daniels from Harvard University, professor of population ethics and professor of ethics and population health in the department of global health and population at the Harvard School of Public Health (Boston, USA). Professor Daniels is known especially for his research on health and justice nationally and globally, and among his most noted publications are e.g. Just Health Care (1985) and Just Health: Meeting Health Needs Fairly (2008). The titles of Professor Daniel’s plenary address are “The nature, role, and importance of theoretical bioethics” and  “International Health Inequalities and Global Justice”

The seminar will culminate in a panel discussion on the possibility of founding a national institute of investigative bioethics. The institute would stimulate the progress of academic bioethics in Finland and provide a framework for further developments in the field.

The full programme is now released on the “Programme”  -page.

Participation in the seminar is free – there is no admission fee. The languages of the event are Finnish and English.

For questions and further information please contact johanna.ahola-launonen [at] helsinki.fi


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