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Helsinki Chinese Studies

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UH Chinese Studies is situated at the Department of Cultures, Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki. We endeavor to preserve the heritage of Sinology and Chinese/China studies as well as being a breeding ground for the next generation of Chinese/China studies scholars in the world.

Strategic Directions: UH Chinese Studies is by nature multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. Even it is situated at the Faculty of Arts, its team members do research and teach across the realm of humanities and social sciences. UH Chinese Studies stress research-oriented education that could have an impact on China-relevant policies. Our current research is structured around three interdisciplinary pillars:

  1. China’s External Relations, with special focus on China’s relations with Central Asia, Central Eastern Europe, Southern Africa and the Nordics.
  2. Governance in China, with special focus on ethnic policies, religion policies
  3. Comparative Epistemology of China Studies

Julie Yu-Wen Chen is the newly established Professor of Chinese Studies in charge of directing our research development.

Address: Unioninkatu 38 A, University of Helsinki, Finland