Upcoming Presentation: Chinese Travellers Misunderstood in Africa?

Julie Chen will make a presentation about Sino-African cultural encounters in Think Corner on 19 September.

Specifically I wish to deal with emotions and thoughts that are not publishable and thus overlooked in the process of scientific research and writing. I set out to explore the stereotypical images of “Chinese” and “Chinese tourists” in Africa. Yet as can be happened in other researchers’ journey, they can find out “inconvenient data”, things that they wish they hadn’t heard because they don’t know how to knit these stories into their “scientific writing”. Can we allow ourselves to suspend our disbelief for a moment, and let the story tellers finish their stories about Chinese people they know?


The presentation will be in an event called “This is not talked about” or “Tästä ei puhuta

The programme in English here:  https://www.helsinki.fi/en/think-corner/programme/crazy-world

The programme in Finnish here:


Link to the Facebook-event https://www.facebook.com/events/917631485269167/