Meet Our Teachers and Get Free Chinese Learning Books

For our students of Chinese studies, do you want to get a lot of FREE Chinese learning textbooks (including HSK textbooks)? Come meet us in Topelia A on 24 March, 2023!

Time: 12:30-13:10, 24 March
Venue: Topelia A, room 118
There you will also meet our Chinese studies lecturers and professors (Julie Chen, Sami Honkasalo, Jinhua Cheng, Ching-Yeh Lin) to have informal chats. If you cannot make it but want to take the books, you can ask your friend to come to help you 🙂 

Professor Julie Yu-Wen Chen is looking for a PhD to work for the EUVIP project at the University of Helsinki for 12 months.
See more information here.
This is suitable for early career researchers working on broadly defined political sciences/international relations/related Asian studies disciplines/American politics/Southeast Asian politics. 
Deadline is 28 March 2023.