Multimethod research on global China: Reflections on the use of ethnography, digital ethnography and autoethnography in analyzing China’s presence in Europe

Our visiting researcher Dušica Ristivojević will deliver a talk in the Brown Bag Seminar of the Helsinki Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities at 12:15 on Tuesday 26 March.

You are welcome to join at seminar room (access via Vuorikatu 3 courtyard, take elevator or stairs from Café Portaali to floor B5, room 524 is on the right after a glass door) or online via Zoom.

What kinds of multiple disciplinary, methodological and ethical considerations may inform and direct exploration of contemporary global China? What kind of data about the ongoing expansion of China’s interests and presence globally may (not) be collected, analyzed, and theorized? How to address a researcher’s positionality in this research field of particularly high political and ideological stakes?

This talk will reflect on these questions by referring to the speaker’s ongoing research on China’s engagements in gold and copper mining in Eastern Europe.

Dušica Ristivojević is a multidisciplinary China studies researcher affiliated with the China Studies team at the University of Helsinki and the Central European Institute of Asian Studies, Bratislava. Dušica specializes in a longue durée dynamics of China’s global interactions, print and digital media, and social organizing in and out of China. She is finalizing her book manuscript on transnational links of China’s political movements and is observing China’s presence at Europe’s Eastern peripheries in the fields of dirty industry and digital technology.