ONLINE Taiwanese Film Festival in Finland (9-13 May, 2020)

Due to COVID-19, the original Taiwanese Film Festival on March 23 was canceled.

The good news is that we will now move the event online and instead of coming to the University, you can simply enjoy the movies at home!

If you are interested in watching the movies, please register before 11 AM, 8 May, 2020 (Helsinki Time).  (REGISTRATION IS CLOSED NOW)

The two movies that will be shown are “The Husband’s Secret” and “Grandmother’s Small Talk”. You can find information about these two movies here (About the two movies). We will send you links with passwords to watch the two movies and you will have access to them from 9-13 May, 2020. The links are only valid for this period of time.

The two movies are actually related. The Husband’s Secret is the old movie and Grandmother’s Small Talk is a short contemporary interpretation of the old movie.

Taiwanese language is the main language used in these movies. There will be English subtitles. So, no worry if you can’t understand Taiwanese language.

On 14 May, 10:00 am, we will have a 30-40 minutes online meeting in which Prof. Julie Yu-Wen Chen (Chinese Studies, University of Helsinki) will host and moderate a discussion on the movies. Prof Chris Berry (Film Studies, King’s College London) will be our special guest to analyze the two movies with us! The meeting will be held on ZOOM. Link to Zoom meeting will be sent to those who have registered to watch the movies on 13 May.

If you wish to learn more about Taiwanese language cinema, here is a short introduction (Taiwan Language Cinema-Introduction).

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