Funding news

Climakedo researcher Kamilla Karhunmaa has received two years of funding through the Säätiöiden post doc –pooli from the Emil Aaltonen foundation to conduct her post-doctoral research in Belgium. Her research project “Offsetting the way into carbon neutrality” examines how voluntary carbon offsetting is perceived as a form of climate action amongst consumers, carbon offset producers and policy makers. In Belgium, Kamilla will be based at the Spiral centre at the University of Liège.

Saara Salmivaara was granted a 4-year doctoral school funding for her thesis which investigates ‘climate-conscious’ consumption strategies through voluntary carbon offsetting and ‘slow fashion’. Saara was selected one of the 10 applicants who received a Sustainable Development themed salary position, granted by the University of Helsinki through the Doctoral Programme in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences.