Climate University vision and strategy for 2023-2027

Mission – why

We educate competencies the society needs to tackle the challenges of climate change and the sustainability crisis.


  • Re-think and respect for planet and people
  • Science-based trustworthiness
  • Openness and sharing
  • Interdisciplinary and cross-boundary collaboration
  • Bravery

Vision – what

Climate University is a brave forerunner in educating active sustainability makers for the society and business.

From vision to strategic aims

  1. Being a brave forerunner
    • Climate University is visible and recognized as an expert network and actor in climate and sustainability education in Finland.
    • Climate University courses are recognized as top-level material in climate change and sustainability education.
    • Climate University is a wanted partner in collaboraiton.
    • All HEIs in Finland join our network.
    • New international partners collaborate with us.
  2. Educating active sustainability makers
    • Network recognizes competence needs in the society.
    • Network co-designs education and provides quality materials for online teaching and learning.
    • Climate University has easy-access clear practices and a welcoming community.
    • Climate University provides students opportunities for action and networking.
  3. For the society and business
    • Our network promotes climate and sustainability actions in collaboration with society and business.



Action group 1: Coordination

Aim: Keeping CU up and running

Actions: Coordinator meetings, agreements, annual meetings, internal communications, network development, funding

Chairs: Laura Riuttanen (University of Helsinki) and Iida Pullinen (University of Eastern Finland)


Action group 2: Courses

Aim: CU courses are top-level material in climate change and sustainability education

Actions: Update courses (content and teaching methods + structure), new course initiatives, develop the platforms (student enrolment, digicampus…), pedagogical development

Chairs: Eveliina Asikainen (Tampere UAS) and Jussi Malila (University of Oulu)


Action group 3: Communication

Aim: Inspiring people to participate

Actions: Develop website, blog, course advertisement, visual material; create a welcoming and lively atmosphere

Chair: Salla Anttila (Karelia UAS)


Action group 4: Societal collaboration

Aim: CU is a wanted partner in collaboration

Actions: Societal collaboration with public, private and citizen sector organisations, as well as lower levels of education [schools]; life-long learning initiatives (including climate expert specialization education); preparing for funding opportunities

Chairs: Sanni Väisänen (LUT University) and Janne Salovaara (University of Helsinki)


Action group 5: Academic collaboration

Aim: Sparking academic discussions around climate change and sustainability topics

Actions: Develop teacher network, find new ways for student engagement; mapping competencies and needs (for new CU courses); research done at CU and about CU

Chairs: Tilly Anderson (Oulu UAS) and Mikael Puurtinen (University of Jyväskylä)


Action group 6: International collaboration

Aim: CU becomes international

Actions: Develop a strategy to expand beyond Finnish HEIs

Chairs: Tiina Wikström (Laurea UAS), Anne-Marie Tuomala (LAB UAS) and Bernhard Reischl (University of Helsinki)

Join the action groups

Here you can indicate your interest in joining one, or several, of the action groups: