Coming workshops:

Climate University Annual Meeting in Tampere 2.-3.11.2022 (remember to register!)

Past workshops:

25.4.2022 Seven new members – welcoming webinar

3.-4.11.2021 CU network meeting in Jyväskylä: program

6.5.2021 Nuorten ilmastowebinaari – Vihreä kaupunki, lisätiedot ja yhteenveto

9.-10.12.2020 Tampere/virtual: Future of learning sustainability, program and summary

7.-8.10.2020 Kuopio/virtual: Partnering science and law for effective climate action: program and summary

26.-27.5.2020 Virtual Climate University: program and summary 

2.-3.3.2020 Espoo/Aalto: Innovations and creativity in climate education, program  and summary

19.-20.11.2019 Vantaa/Metropolia: Sustainable communities, program and summary

10.-11.10.2019 Oulu: Climate education and communication, program and summary

10.-11.6.2019 Lahti: Circular economy and renewable energy solutions, program and summary

7.-8.5.2019 Turku: Innovations in education for sustainable future, program, summary of 7.5. and summary of 8.5.

29.3.2019 Jyväskylä: Teaching and learning for sustainable future, program and summary

27.-28.11.2018 Helsinki: Climate University kick-off, program and summary