People and contact

The Clinical Neuropsychology Network (CNN) consists of researchers at the University of Helsinki pursuing research within clinical neuropsychology. Please, find specific contact information below.

Members of the group are:

Laura Hokkanen

Sanna Koskinen

Annamari Tuulio-Henriksson

Hanna Jokinen-Salmela

Kati Rantanen

Kati Peltonen

Johanna Rosenqvist

In addition to research, members of the group also participate in teaching clinical neuropsychology and clinical skills for master’s level students at the University of Helsinki. They also carry the main responsibility for the Finnish national university specialization program in clinical neuropsychology within the university network Psykonet (

Members of the CNN are also active participants in several professional organizations on a national and an international level. Many members are actively involved in The Finnish Neuropsychological Society ( as well as in the International Neuropsychological Society (INS,

Several members of the group also work as psychologists in clinical settings.

There are several colleagues currently affiliating elsewhere but supervising theses and collaborating with The Clinical Neuropsychology Network. They include Maarit Virtanen, Marja Laasonen, Liisa Klenberg, Marja Hietanen, and Erja Poutiainen.

Emeritus / emerita professors of clinical neuropsychology include Marit Korkman and Juhani Vilkki.