Meet the Keynote Speakers: Peter Garratt

Peter Garratt answered our questions on the situatedness of literature, the development of cognitive humanities since his groundbreaking AHRC project in 2011, and more!

What do the disciplinary connections inherent in the field of cognitive humanities mean to you? How do you engage with these different methods of research and different forms of knowledge in your work?

There is so much one could say here so I’ll restrict myself to the thought that working with different forms of knowledge – different disciplines – can also mean working directly with other people. Networks and collaborations involve specific interpersonal dynamics and dynamism. And I say this to recognise a relationship between ‘disciplinary connections’ and the embodied interactions that service them. Continue reading

Second Conference Newsletter Out Now

The second installment of our Cognitive Futures in the Humanities  2016 newsletter is now available! It includes an editorial, an interview with keynote speaker Peter Garratt and provides information on our preliminary programme, various practicalities, and presents select sights in Helsinki near the conference. You can find the newsletter as a pdf-file here.