Full Programme is Now Available

The full conference programme is now available! Head here for a look and do let us now if there’s something amiss or if any clarifications are needed. We are looking to also publish the conference abstracts a little later. They will also be included in our printed programme book, available at the conference.

With regards to changes to the preliminary programme, unfortunately, one of our keynote speakers, Jean-Marie Schaeffer, will not be coming and another, Deirdre Wilson, will only be able to join us via Skype to deliver her keynote.

Additionally, we have now included a new round-table format in this year’s programme, featuring Peter Garratt, Pirjo Lyytikäinen, Anne Mangen, as well as José Filipe Silva, who runs the ERC project “Rationality in Perception: Transformation of Mind and Cognition, 1250-1550” at the University of Helsinki. At this round table, we will explore further some key issues of our field that were already addressed in the interviews in the newsletters: What is the role of history in the cognitive humanities? How are they situated in Europe and the world? And how do they relate to the challenges of the digital age? The round-table will take a discursive, open-ended format. We look forward to a lively discussion and hope you can join us.