Interested in studying cognitive science?

If you already study at the University of Helsinki:

You can take cognitive science as a minor.

Here are the modules you can take:

  • LDA-C500 Cognitive Science 30 cr
  • KIK-KK100  Communication and Cognition 15 cr OR 30 cr

If you obtained your study right before 2017 and you are still in the old curriculum system, you will be able to change your major to Cognitive Science (for more information, email If you have obtained your study right in 2017 or have changed to the new curriculum structure, you will be able to change your MA level major to Cognitive Science from Fall 2020 (applies to some Bachelor’s programs only). For more information, email

If you do not study in the University of Helsinki: 

If you want to apply to do an MA degree in Cognitive Science, instructions are here:!/korkeakoulu/

(the Cognitive Science track is within the Linguistic Diversity and Digital Humanities program)

For citizens of EU/EEA countries and individuals who have a permanent residence status in the area, there are no tuition fees.

If you are interesting in the history of Cognitive Science and want to find out about cognitive science student organization Intelligenzia, click here:

If you have any questions related to your studies, please write an email: