Promovendi registration

Promovendi (plur.) = doctoral graduates to be conferred

The registration for conferment opens on Saturday 26.3.2022 at 7:00 a.m. and closes, for those wishing to be conferred as present, on 31.3. at 16:00 p.m. The link to the registration will be added to this page.

The registration for conferment in absentia continues until 6.5.2022.

Registration form

  • You will be accepted in the order of registration, i.e. on a first come first served basis. NB! The number of participants is limited. You can also register for a place in the queue if the event is full already.
  • You can register for conferment as present only if you have a doctorate from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki dated between 1.3.2016 and 26.3.2022.
  • You must have completed your doctoral degree already before registering, which means that having defended your thesis or having received permission to do so are not sufficient.
  • Alternatively, you can register for conferment in absentia if the event is full, you cannot be present at the event, you do not want to participate in the festivities, or you have received your doctoral degree already before March 2016. If you register for conferment in absentia, your name will be read at the conferment act and your information will be printed in the register and conferment booklet. A fee (100 e) is charged also for conferment in absentia. The fee is paid when registering.
  • There is a fee that covers the conferment and the gala dinner; the fee will be invoiced later.
    • Promovendi 300 Euros
    • Companions/Avec 180 Euros
  • Registration is binding.
  • The registration form asks you whether you will bring an avec and the name of the avec.
  • At a later point, we will ask all those promovendi, who are accepted for conferment, for more details about the date of their doctoral degree as well as other register information, a photo and a short presentation text for the conferment book and program.
  • If you are a professor or belong to the teaching staff and you want to participate in the academic procession and be present at the conferment ceremony as a guest, we ask you to register through another form.
  • The promovendi carry doctoral hats and swords at the conferment. Because of the academic high season, the hat must be ordered well in advance (for more information, see About the conferment ceremony). Those conferred in absentia need neither hats nor swords.
  • The University has about 40 swords that can be borrowed.  After registration has closed, promovendi  will be asked whether they want to borrow a sword owned by the University.  If there are more persons wanting to borrow swords than there are swords, allocation will be decided by lottery. The University has asked for bids from different companies and offers a group price that is somewhat lower than the price of individual swords. For more information about this, see below.
  • A traditional, voluntary dancing course with a separate fee is organized. Those accepted for the event will be informed about this opportunity later. 

How to buy swords

The Conferment Committee asked for bids from different sword suppliers. Au-Holmberg was the one to offer the most advantageous price. Promovendi can order their swords directly from Au-Holmberg at the cost of 280 Euros (rrp 313 €, the code Lääkis22 entitles you to the discount of 30 €).

The price includes the doctoral sword, length 85 cm or 95 cm, an engraving (name and date of doctoral dissertation or conferment), the emblem of the University of Helsinki with a 24-carat gold stamping, a strap for the belt, a textile cover and a gift package. (For different ways of fastening the sword, see tab About the conferment ceremony).

Sword belt, especially for women: 55 €

The textile belt comes in four lengths. The belt is fastened with a strong Velcro tape that enables adjustments of length. The belt is made in Finland; the fabrics are of high quality and are chosen especially for use at conferments.


  • S = 60–75 cm
  • M = 75–90 cm
  • L = 90–105 cm
  • XL = 105–120 cm

All promovendi order their swords by themselves, on the web page. In the online store, you can choose the delivery option that suits you the best. The last date for ordering swords is 20.5.2022.

Some pictures of the swords and belts as well as instructions for making the order (in Finnish only).