Frequently asked questions


When can I register to be conferred and when will I receive confirmation of my acceptance at the conferment ceremony?

Answer: The registration for the graduands (promovendi) opens on Saturday 26.3.2022 at 7:00 AM and closes on 31.3.2022 at 4:00 PM. The number of participants is restricted; the participants will be accepted in the order of their registration. There are, however, no restrictions in the quota for those being conferred in absentia. You will find more information about the registration here.

Whom can I notify of a cancellation of my registration to the conferment ceremony?

Answer: Please send your cancellation to ltdk-promootio@helsinki.fi

Arrival at the Conferment

Where and when should I arrive for the conferment?

Answer: The graduands (promovendi) should gather in the hallway of the Great Hall of the University of Helsinki Main Building at 10:30 AM. Those who participate in the procession for academic staff should be in the hallway likewise at 10:30 AM at latest. Companions and other guests go directly into the Great Hall, no later than 10:45 AM.

Which entrance into the Great Hall should I use?

Answer: The best way of entering the Main Building of the university is via Aleksanterinkatu 5 (three glass doors) where the cloakroom is. NB! It is better not to use the main entrance situated at the side of the Senate Square/Unioninkatu. The address Unioninkatu 34 is, however, preferrable when using taxi. 

When should my companion arrive and where will they be placed?

Answer: The companions should be seated in the Great Hall at 10:45 AM at the latest. They will be shown to their places by the conferment marshals.

Where can relatives and friends watch my conferment?

Answer: Each graduand (promovendus, promovenda) is allowed to invite 2 guests to the conferment ceremony, apart from their companion. They should arrive at the Great Hall at 10:45 at the latest. The companions and guests will be seated in the back of the hall (the marshals will show them their seats). The conferment act will also be streamed on the internet. The link to the stream will be created before the event and sent to all registered promovendi by e-mail. Friends and relatives can also watch the processions from the Main Building to the Cathedral along the street. 

Will professors and other teachers at the Faculty participate in the procession to the conferment ceremony or should they enter the Great Hall already before it?

Answer: Those professors and teachers who have registered in advance will be guided into the Great Hall in a procession of their own, in the same manner as the promovendi. Those not registered will be guided into the hall together with other guests.

Where can I leave my car in the city center?

Answer: There are  public, paid parking lots in the city center.

NB! A big music event is being organized simultaneously at the Senate Square, so we recommend parking areas located outside the city center as well as public transport.

Accessibility instructions

I use a wheelchair. How can I get to the Great Hall and how will I be conferred?

Answer: There is an unobstructed entrance at Yliopistonkatu 2, in the inner court. From the entrance, an elevator will bring you to the Great Hall. A graduand who uses a wheelchair can either stay in the upper part of the hall OR move to the lower part with the help of their assistant (either without the wheelchair or with it, in which case the chair must be carried by the assistant). This takes place already before the processions, simultaneously with the arrival of the guests. If the graduand chooses to stay in the upper part of the hall, the conferrer will come up to them for the conferment. Also e.g., those honorary doctors who cannot participate in the procession are placed in the hall already before the conferment act, no later than 10:45 AM. If you are physically disabled, please let us know well in advance via the address ltdk-promootio@helsinki.fi

I need an assistant/convoy for the procession and in the Great Hall. Is there a place for my assistant in the hall? Will the marshals help me if the assistant is not allowed in the hall?

Answer: There is a place for the assistant, but it must be reserved in advance. The dress code for the guests applies also to the assistant. Apart from the assistant, the graduand is allowed to bring their own avec.

Dress code

Where can I find the dress codes for the different conferment events?

Answer: The dress codes are listed on the page Conferment ceremony.

Where can I borrow a sword?

Answer: The university has a limited number of swords that can be borrowed, but these must be booked in advance. Tho promovendi who are accepted for the conferment ceremony will be informed about this separately.

Where can I borrow a doctoral hat for the conferment act and the procession?

Answer: The university does not loan doctoral hats. You may ask a colleague to borrow his/her hat. If you are going to buy a hat, make sure you order it well in advance (3–4 months) as the hatmakers are very busy.


I would like to dance at the banquet. Is there a dancing course I can attend? When is the course organized?

Answer: There will be a dancing course on Saturday 7.5.2022 and Saturday 14.5. at 13–15 PM (venue Hoplaxskolan Munksnäs). For more information about the dancing course, please turn to the chair of the Promovendi Committee (sofia.belov@hus.fi)

Excursion on Saturday

How will I know if I am allowed to participate in the Conferment Lunch on Saturday?

Answer: All honorary doctors, jubilee doctors and those promovendi who are conferred as present are allowed to participate without a separate invitation.

What is the dress code for the Conferment Lunch? Should I bring my doctoral hat and sword?

Answer: You will find information on the page Conferment ceremony.

The excursion is the most informal part of the conferment, which means that the outfit can be chosen quite freely. Jeans and print shirts are, however, not suited for the occasion. On the excursion, you can use your Finnish student cap if you wish, but the doctoral hat and the sword are not brought along.


Has the potential need of first aid been attended to at the different events?

Answer: Yes, there will be first aid points at the different events.